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Having spent my early twenties working on one of London's busy broking floors, I could see what the effects of high-stress levels, late nights and excessive dining and drinking were having on my body and in turn, my mind too. That's when I discovered the most powerful practice of all, stillness. Within those moments of quiet I realised the job I did had to be something that I not only loved but one that nurtured me as a person too. That's when I turned to the one thing that felt most natural to me, cooking. 


My journey began at Leiths where I was classically trained as a chef. Although having always been into health & fitness I knew I wanted to delve deeper into the medicinal realm of food and explore it's healing benefits. So I went on to discover integrative nutritional health, specialising in gut health, before developing my studies further and specialising in Ayurveda. 


With the spice box always taking centre stage in the kitchen since I was young, Ayurveda has been a part of my story since I was a child. As I started to become more aware of this treasure trove passed down to us by our ancestors – I’ve created a passion for learning how this ancient wisdom holds the secrets to living harmoniously with a clean & balanced life and most importantly one that can be accessed through our everyday kitchen.


My approach to cooking has very much become an extension of my spiritual practice. After discovering how these modalities have helped me regain a much calmer state of mind & an overall balanced sense of wellbeing, I want to support others who are striving to do the same. The interdependency between the human mind, body + spirit is something that has always fascinated me and no matter the symptom, feeling or emotion; it has become my mission to help support people on their healing journeys and make a positive change to their lives. 

And then came the Tuck Shop...

In 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic my father was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. Having been told he only had a few months to live, the power of his mind was not ready to accept it. He wanted to fight it and prove the doctors wrong, and was willing to do anything he could to give himself the best chance possible. He turned to us his daughters to help him, and I turned to what I knew best, food. 

Alongside his chemotherapy treatment, together with my sister Punam, we  implemented 'project heal' with an emphasis on his diet. For a man who loved his food, compromising on flavours was not an option. Every meal, every snack and everything in between had to be vibrant, bursting full of flavour, comforting and healing. So we got creative and our Tonics were born. 

A collection of Adaptogenic Latte Blends for different moments in the day, morning, noon and night. Immunity boosting, strengthening and nourishing ingredients help support you as your body adapts to the ever-changing challenges of the day. 

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