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Conscious Catering

With a huge love and passion for cooking and the belief that food and the way in which it is prepared can serve as a great portal to enhancing one's true health, collaborating with others and curating memorable experiences is one of my biggest passions. 

Whether it's a private event, a wellness retreat or a cooking workshop, each offering is designed bespoke for you, your needs and desires, sticking to organic and seasonal produce, using minimal packaging and keeping waste to a minimum. 

Nature has such a beautiful way of providing us with the resources we need exactly when we need them. From those grounding, earthy root vegetables during the airy, windy + colder months to the lighter greens and sweeter fruits harvested during the hot summer months. The humble vegetable is always the hero. My cooking is a reflection of my own life journey, being brought up in an Indian household with Ayurvedic practices sprinkled throughout my mother's cooking, inspired by my own heritage with a conscious and gentle approach, softened by my own practices in yoga + meditation, and an intention to nourish those whom I feed. 


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