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Ayurvedic Nutritional Therapy 

Through the lens of Ayurveda, one size certainly does not fit all. Using food as a vehicle to developing a better connection to one's own body + mind and ultimately optimising overall health, my aim is to help you discover, create + build your own food Sadhana (a conscious practice and approach to food selection, preparation and consumption). 

We begin by discovering your Prakruti (your unique mind-body constitution), and identifying any areas of imbalance. Allowing us to adapt and curate a food protocol that not only serves you but nourishes your whole being. Discover how to tap into your own intuition and understand your body's cravings. Identify the effects your environment has on your body, and in turn on your digestion, and discover how, what, and when you eat certain foods can have the power to create harmony within, ultimately aligning to nature's rhythms + harvest. 

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