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Conscious Cooking, Ayurvedic Healing + Holistic Wellness

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Conscious Cooking

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What Clients Say

"I came to Chandni during lockdown where I felt completely detached from my body. Her approach and energy was transformative and helped me beyond words. I struggled with sleep and anxiety which have completely subsided through Chandni's healing meditations.
Her calming nature helped me explore vulnerable personal experiences with complete trust, helping me open up and think about certain areas which could have been mentally and physically blocking me. Chandni is an unbelievable coach and I couldn't recommend her enough."

Henrietta Nelson

“One who is established in Self, who has balanced doshas (primary life force), balanced digestive fires (agni), properly formed tissue (dhatus), proper elimination of waste products (malas), well functioning bodily processes, and whose mind, body, soul and senses are full of bliss is called a healthy person”

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